Home Makeover Series-Part 2

Gallery Walls

Gallery walls are the perfect way to personalise your space. I have always felt that picture walls give a unique insight into a person’s life. It is a great way of bringing your own style to a space . It helps you express yourself visually. I have never liked empty walls. Whenever I go to a new place I have always fill my walls with posters or some form of art. In a way they help me feel at home somehow.

There are a few tips and tricks that need to be kept in mind while designing a gallery wall for yourself.

  • Theme– Before jumping on to the project one needs to decide what kind of theme they want for their gallery wall. Some like to create a gallery wall of photos with family and friends depicting beloved memories. These are my personal favourite. Even though you might be far away from your loved ones every time you look up to your gallery wall it will definitely spark joy. You might also like to put up quotes which inspire you or resonate with you or are just plain funny. You can also plan to do some DIY art projects and frame them. These are a fun and cheap way to decorate your walls.You don’t have to be an expert artist to create such pieces.It just adds a personal touch to your space and trust me , it is worth it. You can think of anything and everything under the sun to be the subject of your painting. I am also a fan of gallery walls with wall plates. They are a great idea to decorate your kitchen space and dining areas.
  • Types of layout– There are various types of layouts you can think of. You can have frames of the same shape and size and go for square and rectangular layouts. These helps to keep your gallery walls classy and symmetrical. You can go for a minimalist approach as well where you can decorate your walls with 1 or 2 pieces. And then there is the layout where you have frames of all shapes and sizes in a random manner. This is challenging as well as fun to put together. The key is to visualise the dimensions of the area where you want to put up the pictures and randomly place your frames within those dimensions. This will thus maintain the symmetry of your space even in the haphazardness.
  • Visualisation- Now that we have talked about visualisation the best practise is to layout all your pieces on the floor. You can arrange them according to your liking and take a picture. This is a mandatory step as this will help you make any changes before you finally commit to the layout and placement of the frames. And the picture will be a good reference while hanging your frames.
  • Putting up gallery walls– While the idea of gallery walls is very enticing we always get concerned when it comes to hanging the frames. A lot of us are not a fan of nails especially when it comes to rented apartments. I always prefer to use command hooks for my photos frames as they are easily removable and don’t cause any damage to the wall. For people who would like to switch up their art from time to time the best way is to install shelves. Depending on your mood and liking you can change the look of your walls with different frames.
  • Types of gallery wall- You can decide to turn an entire wall of a room into a gallery wall or just use a part of it. Hallways or foyer areas are also a very good options for gallery walls. Some like to decorate the walls above a furniture piece such as a couch. Make sure that you use complimentary colours or colours from the same colour palette.

Hope these tips and tricks help you create your dream gallery walls. Just remember anything can be art. Painted letters, menu cards ,photos of plants even scraps of fabric when hung up look fabulous. Its all about the balance of colour and texture and showing off the things you treasure and love most.